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Leaving Tucson's Desert Museum with my husband, we noticed a golf-cart procession headed for the entrance. Curious, we turned and watched. It was one of those "Is you, my God!" moments. Muhammad Ali was seated in the lead cart.

We tried, unsuccessfully, to hide our interest. Celebrities deserve to visit the cactus in peace, after all. But Ali's driver pulled over, and the great man got out. Then—holy crap!—we were shaking Cassius's hand. (Which was warm and spongy, by the way. Good grip.)

He mimed taking a picture, and my husband cozied up. I raised our Read more

Strolling down Park Avenue on a beautiful spring day in the mid-1970s, I was really enjoying the sunshine and the rhythm of my stride. I had some free time, so I let myself move with the flow of pedestrian traffic, observing the parade of humankind coming toward me. Everything seemed very fine. It was good to be alive.

I started to notice people looking toward me, occasionally waving or nodding as if they knew me. Being a generally sociable type, I reciprocated with similar friendly gestures.

This went on for the distance of a block or so until Read more

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