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The first time I met Mick Jagger was in 1978. My girlfriend Meryl and I had graduated from our funky wine-drinking, cigarette-smoking, hippie-teachered, rich-white-kid-with-problems "alternative" high school in New Jersey, and we liked walking around the city.

When we needed to use a bathroom, we went to a hotel, because they wouldn't kick you out like in a restaurant. We must have been walking around Central Park, because we decided to make a pit stop at the Plaza. Somewhere along the line, I had picked up a motorcycle helmet from the trash. It was kind of beaten up. If Read more

People like to complain about the Rolling Stones—how old they are to be rock stars, how often they tour, and how much money they make. But I love them. I have been a devoted fan since I was a teenager in the sixties.

In 1994, the Stones came to Atlanta. They were on their Voodoo Lounge tour; I was working as a registered nurse for a local urologist.

A day before the band's first concert, I arrived at work to find an extremely excited receptionist. It seemed that Mick Jagger was experiencing some difficulties, and had been Read more

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