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I was on the way home from watching _Spring Awakening_ during my freshman year at New York University. I was waiting for the N Train. At the time, a lot of construction was being done, and trains were constantly full and consistently few and far between (not that it's so different now).

When the train finally made its appearance, it was unexpectedly pretty empty. My friends and I waltzed into the closest car, and as the doors were about to shut and the next stop was announced, a tall, gangly looking guy with wild hair peeking out from his Read more

A friend at work recommended a book embarrassingly titled _How to Get to I Do,_ which advised that, in order to be successful (which all losers know means getting married), a women needed to decide if she's the woman or the man and then stick to that role in a relationship. It all starts with that first glance, the book said. If you're the woman, you've got to smile and keep eye contact to show you're interested. It's good to practice whenever you can.

The day after I read the book, I was sitting in a little cafe in Read more

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