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Intermission at a Broadway show. Rhea Perlman was good, and so was the guy from _Spin City,_ though the show was pretty forgettable. The title, for example, escapes me.

I'm sitting next to my brother on a bench sipping a Coke that cost too much. Danny DeVito, alone, comes around the bar with a drink and stands a few feet away.

We're tourists, a family of four from Nebraska, so we had seen him in his seat before the show began and gushed to one another, "That's Danny DeVito! Look!" And we all craned our necks Read more

The pressure is always on when members of my _famiglia_ come to town. They want Mr. Fancypants to show them a good time, because they think I live a totally charmed life as an underpaid freelance writer. For a good vibe and great food, I like to take them to Babbo down on Waverly, with hopes that celebrity chef and owner Mario Batali will walk by in his orange clogs and give them a wink.

One night a few weeks ago, my mom and sister Lisa had just come from a wine tasting and were most definitely a little Read more

Almost two years ago, when the issue of stem cell research was the new JonBenet before JonBenet 2.0 became the new Iraq, I went to an event to raise money for the cause. Kevin Kline, the main draw of the party, was the featured speaker. Stem cell research was his issue, apparently; he'd been educating audiences about it everywhere he could.

The party, held in a loft in Murray Hill, was fun. Typical Manhattan political fundraiser. Lots of thirtysomethings looking for love and/or new jobs and/or new clients before hitting the next party of the night where they'd be Read more

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