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It was the mid-1990s, and I was living in West London at the time. I was in Hammersmith one evening. I think it was spring, because though it was bright I didn't have the car windows rolled down.

I was driving west along King Street to drop off my then girlfriend, who needed to run into a shop there and pick something up quickly. Because she was going to be quick, I abandoned my usual parking paranoia, and instead of finding a legitimate parking space I just pulled in alongside the sidewalk and stopped the car in front Read more

I’d better say up front that I had knocked back a couple when this incident happened. Now, I know what you're going to say, but you have to understand that I was of the age when such things were de rigueur. Besides, I was due to fly out the next day on an extended tour, and such behavior is expected.

Better start afresh. I was a British soldier stationed in London, and as aforementioned, I was on the eve of departure for parts unknown. I had been to Harrods to purchase an electronic travel chess set, and had popped Read more

A decade ago, when Princess Diana was still alive and in the midst of her ignoble divorce proceedings, I happened to find myself in the lobby of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, nursing a crushing hangover. My goal was to find the museum’s Frank Lloyd Wright Rooms, which had been improbably disassembled and transported there, pine panel and all, from Pittsburgh.

A frowzy desk attendant was guiding me through a large incomprehensible map when she suddenly gasped, paled considerably, and drooped into a messy curtsy. At my side, looming large, was Diana: tall, beautiful, and heavily made-up. Read more

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