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My friends and I went to a "Fatone Family Foundation": fundraiser a few years ago. We were walking toward the entrance and we saw Joey Fatone and Lance Bass standing outside talking with a few other people.

I stopped and looked over toward them once and said, "Is that Lance Bass?" My friends looked and agreed. I turned again, looking to make sure. As we were walking by, I looked a third time, because I just couldn't believe it! He saw me look the third time and started laughing.

I used to be a DJ.

In December of 2000, I was hired for a party for the staff of the San Diego Sports Arena. My boss explained to me that I would have to be escorted by security to the backstage area, because *NSYNC was playing a show there that night.

Upon arrival, as I started sorting out what wires hook into what amp, a gentleman wearing a walkie-talkie holster strolled up to me and introduced himself authoritatively as Ralph. "Do you know what's going on here tonight?" Ralph asked me. "Yes," I replied, "it's a party Read more

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