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Misty wintry afternoon. My friend Janny and I were—arm in arm—briskly clacking in our highest heels down Fifth Ave. It was 1974, and we were young and stylish, self-satisfied and loving being Manhattan women.

Suddenly we see a skinny woman in a print dress holding on to her wildly wide-brimmed hat and running full force across the avenue toward us, head ducked down to brave the chilly wind. "Where can I buy a fur coat?" she asks.

"Well, if not here, then nowhere!" I said, "There's Bendel's, Bergdorf's, and Bonwit Teller right _here!"_ She swirled around to look Read more

There was Joni Mitchell, and here was my wife, close to tears.

For years, she had loved the lady. Now the poet priestess was one table away at a mostly empty eatery on another hot 'n' hazy day in the San Fernando Valley. My wife approached, clutching at her heart, lavishing praise on _The Hissing of Summer Lawns._

Touched, Joni Mitchell inquired about our son, who was scrawling away with an orange crayon in his high chair. "He's an artist," my wife said. "Like you." Mitchell came in for a closer look. Our beautiful boy, Will, glanced up. Read more

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