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So my mom is a big businesswoman. If it were possible, her boss would've implanted her cellphone into her crainum long ago. And that was way before Bluetooth technology. She could balance baking birthday cakes with board-room meetings.

On vacation at mini-paradise Disney World, there were at least a four hours of imposed silence for her to carry on with her business, and then we'd knock off at night watching the '90s hit sitcom _Friends._ It was the central perk for her laughter.

On our last day at Disney, bags in tow, mom capitalized on the 18-story elevator Read more

Yup, this is a true story, and that was almost the headline six years ago when Dave, a friend from North Carolina, came to spend the weekend in New York with me.

His only request was "to see everything in _Home Alone."_ So there we were in the middle of NYC, at a traffic light between two large trucks. Dave in the back, Terry in the front, and me behind the wheel of my powerful new Mustang GT.

I played the brakes and gas, and as soon as the light turned green I let go of the Read more

The pressure is always on when members of my _famiglia_ come to town. They want Mr. Fancypants to show them a good time, because they think I live a totally charmed life as an underpaid freelance writer. For a good vibe and great food, I like to take them to Babbo down on Waverly, with hopes that celebrity chef and owner Mario Batali will walk by in his orange clogs and give them a wink.

One night a few weeks ago, my mom and sister Lisa had just come from a wine tasting and were most definitely a little Read more

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