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My sense of fame is off-kilter. I worked at _The Tonight Show_ and got this close to Halle Berry, Hillary Clinton, Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Tom Petty, Steve Carell, and a slew of others. But I was never totally amazed by any of it. You walk by someone that famous and you sorta feel like there's nothing to it because it's a setup—it's staged, this Hollywood thing.

I was always more fascinated by the F-listers and the notorious. When you're able to talk to the original Hamburglar in the McDonald's ads or the midget from _Fear and Loathing in Read more

It was my curiosity that drove me out of my office that dreary day in 1993.

I worked as a congressional page for then-Speaker of the House Tom Foley (D-WA). Based on Capitol Hill, I manned the phones in his Steering and Policy office.

On this day, I'd heard that First Lady Hillary Clinton would be appearing in Statuary Hall—a round room, filled with statues, into which my office door opened. So, being a must-get-there-first kind of person, I took up sentry position outside my office door, and I waited.

Wasn't I surprised when this powerful woman Read more

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