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In the 1990s, I worked at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. It's the building everyone sees when the famous Christmas tree is lit each year. The building is also the home of NBC and the television show _Saturday Night Live._

At that time, I would see many famous people pass through the lobby or hopping into an elevator. They included the likes of Dick Clark, Dustin Hoffman, Conan O'Brien, the _SNL_ cast, and many others. Sometimes, celebrities and tourists would take the elevator up to the then-famous Rainbow Room at the top of the building for Read more

A most memorable day in my life involving a brush with fame started as a very ordinary Sunday at Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston. Now, this story happened in February of 1993. That was before Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell became the spiritual adviser to President Bush and was suddenly thrust into the national spotlight.

Houston has nice weather the majority of the time, and this particular day was no different. A few minutes after my two sons and I were seated, one of my favorite boxers eased into the pew behind us. My youngest son, Bronwyn, who was Read more

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