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"That guy looks familiar," I said to Mike.

"It's Elvis Costello," deadpanned Mike, clearly more versed in the ways of celebrity sightings. I've lived in New York for a decade, but when it comes to spotting stars, I'm the worst. I never recognize anyone. Not Susan Sarandon, just steps in front of me on Fifth Avenue, when my friend pointed her out. Not Michael Stipe, right over there in the corner at the art opening. Not Julia Roberts, passing me on a quiet West Village street, prompting my then-girlfriend to say with much too much enjoyment: "You Read more

“Ah, Ray Charles—it doesn’t get any better, does it?”

I looked up from a crouch to see who was offering unsolicited opinions on my holiday shopping, assuming I would give a friendly nod and move on down the aisle, when lo and behold…

Elvis Costello wasn’t watching the detectives. He was watching me peruse the music DVD selections at the Union Square Virgin Records, and he approved of my selection.

“He’s one of my mom’s favorites,” I said, acting nonchalant while wondering if Costello wears the black-on-black suit and tie every time he leaves the house, even Read more

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