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True story. My best friend from Buffalo, NY, was hanging out with Rick James and the Stone City Band back in the '80s. "Super Freak" was at the top of the charts.

I lived in New York City and was going to art school, so needless to say I was broke. My friend calls and invites me to meet her at 30 Rock to watch Rick James sing on _Saturday Night Live._ A backstage pass and all that comes with it.

So I sprayed my hair as big as I could get it, put in my one blue Read more

Way back in 1988, my brother-in-law Ron and I, on our return trip from the Calgary Olympics, had a layover at LAX. We were just hanging out near our gate when here comes Mr. Eddie Murphy himself and an entourage of some very large men returning to L.A. He was looking straight ahead and angry as they marched past us, not five feet away.

Ron, who is a big fan of Mr. Murphy, decides he will get his attention and let's out a very loud "I ain't fallin' for no banana in the tailpipe" from _48 Hours._ Eddie never Read more

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