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In the 1990s, I worked at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. It's the building everyone sees when the famous Christmas tree is lit each year. The building is also the home of NBC and the television show _Saturday Night Live._

At that time, I would see many famous people pass through the lobby or hopping into an elevator. They included the likes of Dick Clark, Dustin Hoffman, Conan O'Brien, the _SNL_ cast, and many others. Sometimes, celebrities and tourists would take the elevator up to the then-famous Rainbow Room at the top of the building for Read more

There I was at the mall bookstore, browsing, when standing right next to me was Dustin Hoffman!

I could not believe it. What should I do? He was engrossed in a book, so I decided not to disturb him. However, as he moved about the store, I must admit I stalked him.

Feeling guilty, I left him alone and walked away. I will always regret that I never said, "Hello, Dustin, I love your movies." Sometimes opportunities come and we let them slip by, and regret lingers, lifting its ugly head every time something reminds us of an Read more

It was summer, hot and steamy, and we were in the second-level bleachers watching a Reds game. There was a commotion, hard to describe, but the word _Dustin_ was coming out of many mouths and heads looking over the balcony.

Of course, curiosity gets the best of us, and I looked, too—just in time to see a tiny little leathery-tanned man with a huge head and messy black hair climbing the steps under us. That's Dustin Hoffman? He looked like a freaky doll. I guess a big head must be a prerequisite for becoming a movie actor. The camera Read more

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