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The day I rented my live/work loft in Soho, consummating a lifelong dream to live in New York, I saw David Carradine walking down West Broadway. It seemed like an omen of glamorous days ahead for me.

But New York was—like New Jersey and Maryland and Florida had been before it—just another place where I worked too many hours a week and had a semi-acceptable relationship with someone who had less money and more freedom.

Still, there were lots more celebrity sightings. _Sex and the City_ filmed across Canal St. one weekend. Under lights that cut through the Read more

Mick Jagger never "pissed in my refrigerator":, but I did take a shower with Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1981 on Venice Beach. I almost shot a handgun with Sylvester Stallone in Hollywood the same year, but a bad drinking problem got me dismissed from that scene.

Angela Bowie cooked me breakfast once. I got into a fistfight with the lead singer of A Flock of Seagulls. Boy George told me to fuck off, basically, when I asked him about his heroin problem. I threw a drink in the face of the tour manager of the band Suicidal Tendencies, in my Read more

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