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So I used to work at the Wal-Mart in South Philly--automotive department, which is funny because I know nothing about cars. The department next to it was sporting goods, a department that generally didn't have any associates assigned to it at night. Lucky me, not knowing anything about sports, either, it was also part of my beat.

One night this old man, dressed from head to toe as this sort of outdoors type--beiges and browns and whatnot--comes over into sports. He turns to me, wearing these big dark-brown-lensed sunglasses indoors, and I'm ready to freak out. You see, I'm Read more

Five years ago, I had a job working the night shift at a convenience store in a northern suburb of Chicago. I was reading a novel when the door opened, and in walked Christopher Walken.

You don’t spot too many celebrities in the northern suburbs of Chicago, or even in Chicago proper. Walken was my first. How was I sure it was Walken? No easy answer, but he is an extremely distinctive person; there’s no one else he could have been, given his appearance and the way he glumly entered the store and, without looking at me, turned down Read more

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