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Christian Slater was arrested for sexual harassment in the summer of '05. He had allegedly been drunk and grabbed some random New York woman's ass on one of NYC's sidewalks, and the woman was not pleased. I couldn't help but think that if Brad Pitt had grabbed my ass in the middle of the street, I would not tattle to CNN. Rather, I'd enjoy the fact that Brad Pitt's hand was on my ass.

Now, although I've never been a Christian Slater fan (this woman was in her 30s, so she had clearly seen _Heathers_ or whatever it was Read more

During spring break 2002, I traveled to New York City for the express purpose of seeing a limited-engagement revival of Arthur Miller's _The Crucible_ at the Virginia Theater. The production featured Liam Neeson and Laura Linney as John and Elizabeth Proctor. _The Crucible_ is part of a clutch of what I consider the finest American plays (including Tennessee Williams's peerless _A Streetcar Named Desire_ and _The Glass Menagerie_).

It was, as I had hoped, magnificent, and after the play I braved the cold near the stage door in hopes of meeting the stars. It must have been the night Read more

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