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In 1995, I was in Chicago visiting a friend's child who was dying from cancer. While I was in town, I stopped in at Steppenwolf to see _Buried Child,_ which was directed by Gary Sinise.

The next day, I'm in the airport, and Gary Sinise sits next to me in the waiting area. I get him to sign my program. We talk about the play, and we board the plane. When we get off the plane, I'm getting my bags and I see he is walking toward the bus station. He sees me and says, "Have a great day." Read more

Intermission at a Broadway show. Rhea Perlman was good, and so was the guy from _Spin City,_ though the show was pretty forgettable. The title, for example, escapes me.

I'm sitting next to my brother on a bench sipping a Coke that cost too much. Danny DeVito, alone, comes around the bar with a drink and stands a few feet away.

We're tourists, a family of four from Nebraska, so we had seen him in his seat before the show began and gushed to one another, "That's Danny DeVito! Look!" And we all craned our necks Read more

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