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During the filming of _Terminator 2: Judgment Day_ on location in Fremont, California, I held a part-time job as a holiday display trimmer at Macy's. I was unpacking crystalware and building a gift-display rack. Boxes were everywhere on the floor, as it was early in the morning and we were still not expecting too many customers.

Earlier that morning, mall security had informed us that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be coming through to do some holiday shopping, and that he might come through our department. Store management had instructed us not to ask for autographs or take pictures with him. Read more

Eyes glued to the back of the recruit's skull ahead of me, I continued to focus through my peripheral vision. I didn't want drill instructors beheading me for looking around in an undisciplined manner before my turn to attack the obstacle course.

Smiling Marine officers ambled up to our platoon taking pictures. What in the world was going on?

A large hand clapped the shoulder of the recruit in front of me. "How ahre dey treating you heah?" a familiar voice asked as cameras clicked.

The Austrian Oak! Arnold Freakin' Schwarzenegger!

Arnold had been my hero Read more

Mick Jagger never "pissed in my refrigerator":, but I did take a shower with Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1981 on Venice Beach. I almost shot a handgun with Sylvester Stallone in Hollywood the same year, but a bad drinking problem got me dismissed from that scene.

Angela Bowie cooked me breakfast once. I got into a fistfight with the lead singer of A Flock of Seagulls. Boy George told me to fuck off, basically, when I asked him about his heroin problem. I threw a drink in the face of the tour manager of the band Suicidal Tendencies, in my Read more

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