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Upper East Side, New York, 1986. I am working at my first job out of college, as a lowly editorial assistant at a big book publisher in midtown. To save the two dollars it would cost in subway tokens every day, I walk to and from the office. Two and a half miles each way.

On my way to work, I check my reflection in every passing storefront window--how do I look? is my skirt riding up? how’s my hair? I walk with one eye down to avoid stepping in dog shit. I do a quick two-step at every Read more

It was the early Spring of 1990, Waldenbooks, Hollywood. A tall, ginger-haired but graying gentleman and his short blond wife came in and purchased some book or another. I happened to be one of the two employees at the checkout, and the couple came to my register. We exchanged the usual pleasantries, during which time I noticed that both he and his wife had strong Jewish-American accents—a favorite of mine. When I read the name on the man’s Platinum credit card, I rocked back on my heels! He was the famed horror writer Robert Bloch, celebrated for Psycho, his socially Read more

On a Friday night in September my wife and I went to New York City to see our twin girls who had recently started their first semester at NYU. Thankful for finding a parking spot, we pulled directly in front of Founders Hall, the 26 story modern residence hall near to Washington Square Park, the famous arch, and the East Village. As I pushed the car windows down, Avanty, wearing a colorful floral pattern dress “suggesting cute and casualness”, as she was profiled in College Fashionista, came to the car with a Rubbermaid HipHugger white laundry basket full of Read more

My name is Jarod Brice Evans I go by Brice and this is my "Brushes With Fame" story: (After my girlfriend did a search for her Dad after 22 years of not knowing him she found that he lived in L.A. So, this past summer we flew there to meet up with him. He showed us an unforgettable week and in that week we just so happened to run into a few celebrities. We saw Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams, Ed Harris, Andy Dick, and then the ever so popular "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul, who I must say is Read more

So close, so vulnerable, so strong.

A high school friend with whom I later worked at a bank in Baton Rouge related a story to me years ago. Suzanne was traveling with her husband, T.J. Before their trip to the Los Angeles area, a friend told her that one of the best places to spot celebrities is some bakery where the cheesecake was apparently commissioned by God.

They parked up the street a ways and hoofed it to the establishment. Along the way, Suzanne became quite excited when they passed Jack Lemmon on the sidewalk. He was carrying two pie boxes Read more

My boss, his wife, my ex, and I were in LA a couple of days early for a bank conference. We rode around the Hollywood Hills getting looks at interesting homes, some occupied by celebrities. As we went around a curve, Russ' wife, Margie, noticed a man in a suit and a loosened tie rolling his garbage cans down to the end of his driveway. When she realized who it was, Margie shrieked, "It's Bob Barker!" The volume and pitch of her exclamation alarmed Russ, who reacted by hitting the brakes and causing the tires to Read more

Saturday June 22nd I got up early to attend the Official 50th Martin Luther King Jr. anniversary Commemoration Freedom Walk on Woodward Ave. in Detroit, Michigan. I was not walking, but rolling in my Power wheelchair. I was right behind the march banner with all the march leaders, but it got so crowded and I was not comfortable with that many people all around me. I decided to leave and make my own route a distance way in front of the people marching with the banner.
It turned out to be a good move because I came across Dick Read more

Studying in London in 2012, I saw more than 20 theatre productions. After the tickets were bought for the West End production of Uncle Vanya, by Anton Chekov, playing at the Vaudeville Theatre, my friend Lala informed me that we were going to meet Samuel West, one of the actors in the show. A theatre professor from her home institution had previously worked with him and asked him if he would take the time to speak with us. Lovely chap that he is, Mr. West agreed!

So, Lala, Alex, and I went to the theatre for some Chekov-ian Read more

It was May, 1995, and I was flying home from JFK to LAX - a trip I took about 6 times a year. As I was rushing for my seat at the last minute, I noticed a body in First Class, all covered up with 2 blankets.

I didn't think much of it. I made friends with my business class flight attendant, as I often do, and soon learned the covered up celeb was Brad Pitt. I scoffed, "Who cares, he is so small and big deal!" Then, the movie came on. Read more

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