Josh Neufeld

A.D. creator Josh Neufeld writes & draws nonfiction, journalistic comics to offer a new perspective on political and social upheaval, and to give voice to stories that wouldn’t otherwise be heard. In addition to A.D., he is the illustrator of the bestseller The Influencing Machine: Brooke Gladstone on the Media (W.W. Norton). His journalistic pieces have been published by Foreign Policy magazine, The Boston Globe, Medium, Al Jazeera America, Fusion, The Atavist, and The Mint (India), among others. He received his BA from Oberlin College, and was a 2013 Knight-Wallace fellow in journalism at the University of Michigan. Neufeld has taught comics in programs and workshops in the United States and abroad.

Shortly after Hurricane Katrina, Neufeld served as a Red Cross volunteer for three weeks in Biloxi, Mississippi. The blog he kept about that experience turned into a self-published book, Katrina Came Calling. During his time volunteering and blogging after Katrina, one of his readers wrote: “Do a comic. Please.”

Jeff Newelt
Creative consultant Jeff Newelt AKA JahFurry is SMITH Magazine’s comics editor, Minister of Hype for ACT-I-VATE, and comics editor of HEEB Magazine. JahFurry also regularly performs freestyle dancehall reggae ditties with numerous superheroes of dub, jazz, klezmer and blues.

Miles VanMeter
Assistant Editor Miles VanMeter is A.D.’s minister of propaganda. He has studied film and creative writing at Wayne State University for far too long. In his spare time, he buys comics, reads comics, and sometimes makes his own comics. Miles currently lives in Detroit, Michigan.

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