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Watch PulpSecret’s incredibly cool video feature on the making of A.D.

The New York Times
leads its Arts section with a huge story on the release of A.D. the book. George Gene Gustines reconstructs the path that took A.D. from web to print, writing that A.D. shows “the magnitude of the catastrophe … on a personal level.”

The Wall Street Journal’s Jamin Brophy-Warren explains: “Mr. Neufeld wanted to focus on the tales of loss, big and small, to represent the totality of experiences during Hurricane Katrina.”

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A.D. is “Raw and painful,” writes Newsweek, “down to the detailed depictions of ruined homes and the frenzied dialogue among friends.”

Listen to an interview with Josh Neufeld and two of the characters from A.D., Denise and Leo, on NPR’s News & Notes, broadcast nationally on August 24, 2007.
Listen to an interview with Josh Neufeld and one of the characters from A.D., Kwame (”Kevin”), on NPR’s Tell Me More, broadcast nationally on September 3, 2009.

USA Today’s “Pop Candy”: Names A.D. one of 2007’s best comics.

Wired.com: “A sterling example of comics with a social conscience.”

Rolling Stone: “Stunning.”

The L.A. Times: “Referring to A.D. or one of Joe Sacco’s illustrated memoirs as a comic book is a bit like calling Schindler’s List a talkie.”

Voice of America: The media arm of the military gives a rave review and thoughtful profile of A.D. and Josh Neufeld, whose color choices “convey the horror and tension of the situation.”

New Orleans Gambit Weekly: “It took Josh Neufeld only 13 panels to storyboard New Orleans’ worst nightmare.”

The Times-Picayune: Read art critic Doug MacCash’s feature on A.D. in New Orleans’ own award-winning daily newspaper.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution: “Neufeld’s Katrina resembles an atom bomb blast, looming in the background of a still-intact cityscape. . . . Neufeld’s stirring images are sure to linger in memory, perhaps even longer than hours of news footage already have.”

USA Today’s PopCandy: “Accessible, informative and beautifully drawn, . . . Josh Neufeld’s moving webcomic tells the true story of hurricane victims in New Orleans.”

Boing Boing: “An excellent way to present the personal stories of people affected by the natural disaster.”

Pop Matters: “Neufeld’s webcomic, published by one of the more exacting online magazines, SMITH, lives up to its promise by being the exact kind of knowing and humane document the victims of Katrina well deserve—and the rest of us need.”

Heeb Magazine: “Sets the bar high for the genre of Katrina writings.”

Rob Clough of Sequart.com writes, “Neufeld is one of my favorite reporters and observers in the world of comics, and this may be his masterwork.”

The American Prospect: “By sticking with the intimate lives of these characters and avoiding the iconic images of the storm … Neufeld engrosses us in six tales of survival.”

Yahoo! Picks out A.D. as “addictive” and keeps us “on the edge of our seats.”

Cool Hunting: “[A.D.] is a uniquely interactive graphic novel where the reader exerts some influence on the final product.”

Amber Mac’s WebNation: “A digital comic book artist is changing the way we view history.”

The Publishing Spot calls A.D. “heartbreaking.”

AlterNet says Josh Neufeld “brings his unique perspective. . . . It’s great to see the story being told.”

Comics Alliance: “These riveting stories are certainly on the level of the grand master himself, Harvey Pekar, and not only for its honest and linear storytelling either. Neufeld’s skillful pacing and masterful cartooning tell a story not worth missing.”

Digital Strips calls A.D. an “awesome” and innovative webcomic.

Toronto Star writes, “Josh Neufeld’s A.D.: New Orleans After The Deluge manages to capture the mixture of fear, uncertainty and oncoming dread that Katrina wrought on an unsuspecting city.”

Influx: An interview with writer and illustrator Josh Neufeld.

Newsarama: Chris Arrant conducts a thoughtful interview with Josh Neufeld, who talks about his work as a Red Cross volunteer—and how it infused the work.

Comicon.com: An interview with writer/artist Josh Neufeld.

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