Leo’s Hurricane Isaac Report

September 2nd, 2012 by Josh Neufeld  

From our very own Leo McGovern, the self-same Leo of A.D. fame, updating us on how he and Michelle weathered Hurricane Isaac, which endangered New Orleans right on the seventh anniversary of Katrina…

We’re all fine and got through the hurricane relatively unscathed. Our power was turned back on Friday evening, so we’re just getting resettled after a couple days of cleaning and what-not.

Michelle and I stayed in the apartment and lost power Tuesday night, and the next couple days weren’t too bad—we’d charged all our devices and were able to ride our iPhone charges til Thursday. We were well-stocked on books (of course), and Wednesday wasn’t too bad—it was perfectly fine sitting next to a window and taking in the breeze. Thursday wasn’t as forgiving, and by Friday afternoon we were debating whether we should grab a hotel room in the city (the French Quarter, as usual, either lost power only briefly or got back up super-quick—it was fully operational Wednesday afternoon, and I guess with some storm cancellations from Decadence Festival there were some openings) but luckily got power back before we made that decision.

We’re lucky, too—most folks still don’t have power, and to a lot of people it looks like Entergy is dropping the ball in a major way. My parents’ house is fine (they’re in Texas at a family friend’s ranch), but the estimate for their power to return is next Wednesday or Thursday! And the damage done to power lines, etc. has been fairly minimal. It’s crazy in N.O. proper, partially because this is the first storm where most people felt comfortable staying—back for Gustav in 2008 the levees weren’t nearly what they are now, and most people left. I remember for that storm we returned two days after the storm and didn’t have power for one more day, so our personal experience with Entergy this time around kind of mirrored that, but most haven’t been as lucky, and it’s the first time such a large number of people are personally experiencing the first days following a storm.

Part of the roof in the back of the house broke away on Wednesday night, which led to our roommate Jason’s bedroom ceiling caving in at one corner, but he was in Portland on vacation already, so he missed the whole thing. That was one reason I’m happy we stayed, because we heard it happen and were able to clear his stuff out of the way, so he didn’t lose anything but the rug we used to help contain the water. By the time we could really work on it the next morning, the kitchen ceiling (directly under his room) was starting to sag, so if we hadn’t been here that would’ve collapsed too. Other than that, there’s no collateral damage to report, so we’re lucky.

The shop has a couple cracked windows from where our sign came free and smacked into it, but the property manager who’d stayed behind in the back apartments was able to get it down and save it. We’ve been open since Friday, though, cleaning up and getting reading material to folks (and so far a lot of people have taken us up on it). Still no power as of noon today, but we’ve had a generator-powered, small a/c unit and fans, so it’s bearable.

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