Next Up — Chapter 13: "If It's The Last Thing We Ever Do…"

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  1. Susiefox

    Thank you for writing this. I learned in AG it will be a book and think that is important. Susief

  2. Robin

    You have done a very good job of capturing what really happened. Being from New Orleans, it is nice to see someone depict this monumental event in such a classy way.

    Thank you

  3. Anne Heausler

    Hi Josh,
    This is the chapter I’ve been dreading/waiting for the most. I have to find some quiet time away from the office to read it.

    Congrats on the book deal. You and Sari and Phoebe all deserve it.

  4. VFerreira

    I LOVE the shifty, quintessential politician look on the cop

  5. VFerreira

    This was phenomenal…as an historian, I am grateful that this will be published, so it can serve as an accurate record amidst all of the hype and garbage. Thank you…

  6. josh

    Thanks, everyone, for the comments. I’m thrilled that the book publication will enable “A.D.” to reach a wider audience. With these Convention Center sequences, I hope to bring Denise’s experiences to the fore, especially since she witnessed things which directly contradict many people’s impressions of what went on there.

    And VFerreira, glad you caught the smarmy expression on that cop’s face. Definitely intentional on my part.

  7. Dean Haspiel

    The true apocalypse isn’t going to be zombies rising from graves and storming the earth eating survivors, it’s going to be people fighting over a bottle of water and a decent place to piss. This episode made me feel claustrophobic and lucky. Lucky that I haven’t had to face mankind at its worst and I hope I never have to.

    Another stellar episode, Josh. Congratulations on the book deal, gang.

  8. David Lasky

    This is powerful. Keep it going.

  9. Tim Hamilton

    That last panel is pretty devastating.
    Congratulations on the book deal!

  10. Warren Cohen

    wow on the last panel….

  11. Jake


    I’m curious about the color of Ch. 12. The content is intense enough, but the color really made me … uncomfortable, which increased the intensity of the story. Is it “gold” or some sort of “burnt-orange”? I find it very unnerving … an excellent compliment to the story.

    Congrats on the book deal. Is it gonna have dust cover?

  12. josh

    Jake, the colors I chose are blood red and sickness green. I wanted to convey the horror of the scene, if not directly through my linework than through the vibratory tension of those clashing colors.

    And… no word yet on a dust cover. Will that be the make-or-break decision for you? ;->

  13. Joel

    I just reread the entire story from the beginning, this is going to be a fantastic book. Congratulations!

  14. Jake

    Well, if your goal was to “convey the horror of the scene” then I would say that you succeeded mightily.

    I always take the dust covers off books when I’m reading them, but they do look pretty on the shelf.

  15. Mary in the Cemeteries


    bad enough my friends have all moved away
    or never returned
    the grocery store hasn’t reopened
    nor the pharmacy
    the library is in a tin can and don’t got no internet
    post office only opened this week
    and my neighbor got shot over his FEMA tin can

    now I gotta be reminded how this crap all started?!

    keep reminding me, josh
    keep reminding me
    don’t let me ever forget

    sinn fein

  16. josh

    Mary in the C/Sinn Fein,

    What can I say, but “Wow”


  17. Jmath

    Thank you for this… I wasn’t there but this seems to reflect for me a truth and dignity from those that were.

  18. Jenny

    That last panel is heartwrenching. I have two little girls and the thought of them having to suffer that way…

    I have blogged this awesome webcomic to my immediate community and I will most certainly buy it when it’s released. Thank you for bringing this story to the web with a greater clarity in a gritty, honest way that brings the human side to the story to light.

    Amazing work.

  19. Felicia G

    Never realized how bad things were so many years later.

  20. Hussain

    Great job, great success in giving the reader a vivid picture of those who survived Hurricane Katrina.

  21. Nelajobs Rivers

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