Advice Be part of the next Six-Word book from SMITH Magazine, creators of the Six-Word Memoir┬« project! Share your Six Words on the best advice you've ever been given or received and you could be included in SIX WORDS OF ADVICE, publishing in 2015 from St. Martin's Press. Deadline to be considered: October 1, 2014. en-us Copyright 2015 Larry Smith RSS 2.0 generation class <![CDATA[ Always say no to the J├Ągerbombs. ]]> Advice by glasgowghirl glasgowghirl SMITH <![CDATA[ Choice comes from inside, not others. ]]> Advice by thepoet1 thepoet1 SMITH <![CDATA[ Watch his actions, not his words. ]]> Advice by LPM1 LPM1 SMITH <![CDATA[ Get in the middle of life. ]]> Advice by canadafreeze canadafreeze SMITH <![CDATA[ Read between the lines before reacting. ]]> Advice by Nol_Martin-tungpala Nol_Martin-tungpala SMITH <![CDATA[ Loving excessively is not your weakness. ]]> Advice by PerelandraRain PerelandraRain SMITH <![CDATA[ Don't do what makes you unhappy. ]]> Advice by Lillyidavis Lillyidavis SMITH <![CDATA[ Women and Men, all are faulty. ]]> Advice by LNmc LNmc SMITH <![CDATA[ Leave life authorities, bend your reality. ]]> Advice by LNmc LNmc SMITH <![CDATA[ Tried yelling, "Cut!" Not a screenplay. ]]> Advice by ShellDeFelice ShellDeFelice SMITH <![CDATA[ Write it all down! Memories fade. ]]> Advice by jrmiller jrmiller SMITH <![CDATA[ Don't ignore that breast lump, sweetie. ]]> Advice by Leela Leela SMITH <![CDATA[ Your perspective: only one of many. ]]> Advice by emdaniel emdaniel SMITH <![CDATA[ Live, Love and pass it on! ]]> Advice by hduckworth hduckworth SMITH <![CDATA[ Autistic children need your broad smiles. ]]> Advice by JohnBigJohn JohnBigJohn SMITH <![CDATA[ Allow for naughty and for nice. ]]> Advice by JohnBigJohn JohnBigJohn SMITH <![CDATA[ Don't marry the same man twice. ]]> Advice by ngb958 ngb958 SMITH <![CDATA[ Remember, always LOOK for the Good! ]]> Advice by aprileveryday aprileveryday SMITH <![CDATA[ Never too late to change paths. ]]> Advice by yoideaman yoideaman SMITH <![CDATA[ Suicide, your choice; murder is NOT. ]]> Advice by rsqdogsmom rsqdogsmom SMITH