Advice Be part of the next Six-Word book from SMITH Magazine, creators of the Six-Word Memoir® project! Share your Six Words on the best advice you've ever been given or received and you could be included in SIX WORDS OF ADVICE, publishing in 2015 from St. Martin's Press. Deadline to be considered: October 1, 2014. en-us Copyright 2015 Larry Smith RSS 2.0 generation class <![CDATA[ Confidence to leave, desire to return. ]]> Advice by canadafreeze canadafreeze SMITH <![CDATA[ I loathe needles that pop balloons. ]]> Advice by quantumd0t quantumd0t SMITH <![CDATA[ Take some from all, follow none! ]]> Advice by JaydenGinoPrice JaydenGinoPrice SMITH <![CDATA[ Accept the problem; seek the solution. ]]> Advice by quantumd0t quantumd0t SMITH <![CDATA[ Gratitude should be experienced, not imposed. ]]> Advice by GirlyNebbish GirlyNebbish SMITH <![CDATA[ Take that oppurtunity before it's gone. ]]> Advice by Yourstruly Yourstruly SMITH <![CDATA[ To listen is to welcome thought. ]]> Advice by nellnellcooljay nellnellcooljay SMITH <![CDATA[ Everything around me is screaming, silently. ]]> Advice by Dal Dal SMITH <![CDATA[ Breathe in life and birth inspiration. ]]> Advice by Nol_Martin-tungpala Nol_Martin-tungpala SMITH <![CDATA[ Just don't fall into closed thinking. ]]> Advice by girloftheorient girloftheorient SMITH <![CDATA[ Beware: don't smoke another man's pipe. ]]> Advice by maryjane31 maryjane31 SMITH <![CDATA[ Always avoid women with red hair. ]]> Advice by Steve__Anthony Steve__Anthony SMITH <![CDATA[ Crap or get off the pot. ]]> Advice by Hailey_Anna Hailey_Anna SMITH <![CDATA[ Where there's one there's probably another. ]]> Advice by rsqdogsmom rsqdogsmom SMITH <![CDATA[ Grace is reserved for the uninteresting. ]]> Advice by threefirstnames threefirstnames SMITH <![CDATA[ When everything else fails, try breathing. ]]> Advice by Impromptu Impromptu SMITH <![CDATA[ Don't take candy, advice from strangers. ]]> Advice by l8leigh l8leigh SMITH <![CDATA[ Dream it and make it happen. ]]> Advice by Yourstruly Yourstruly SMITH <![CDATA[ Let your mind wander in wonderland. ]]> Advice by Yourstruly Yourstruly SMITH <![CDATA[ Thoughts affect feelings, feelings affect actions. ]]> Advice by Yourstruly Yourstruly SMITH