Advice Be part of the next Six-Word book from SMITH Magazine, creators of the Six-Word Memoir® project! Share your Six Words on the best advice you've ever been given or received and you could be included in SIX WORDS OF ADVICE, publishing in 2015 from St. Martin's Press. Deadline to be considered: October 1, 2014. en-us Copyright 2017 Larry Smith RSS 2.0 generation class <![CDATA[ Strengths and weaknesses are often interchangeable. ]]> Advice by JaydenGinoPrice JaydenGinoPrice SMITH <![CDATA[ Words fail, it's time to sleep. ]]> Advice by Jeanette_Cheezum Jeanette_Cheezum SMITH <![CDATA[ Show kindness especially when it's hard. ]]> Advice by Barb70 Barb70 SMITH <![CDATA[ There's a reason pencils have erasers. ]]> Advice by l8leigh l8leigh SMITH <![CDATA[ Your calling won't leave voice mail. ]]> Advice by GirlyNebbish GirlyNebbish SMITH <![CDATA[ Jealous will show it through trickery. ]]> Advice by JaydenGinoPrice JaydenGinoPrice SMITH <![CDATA[ Everyone needs help along the way. ]]> Advice by ALgirl ALgirl SMITH <![CDATA[ Slow down, go forth, love life. ]]> Advice by Jeanette_Cheezum Jeanette_Cheezum SMITH <![CDATA[ Hold hands firmly, but hearts gently. ]]> Advice by Neesha101 Neesha101 SMITH <![CDATA[ Life IS problems. Get over it. ]]> Advice by Hemingway1955 Hemingway1955 SMITH <![CDATA[ Speak volumes by closing your mouth. ]]> Advice by chickiesgirl chickiesgirl SMITH <![CDATA[ Moonlight doesn't drown out brightest stars. ]]> Advice by TheatreGeek TheatreGeek SMITH <![CDATA[ World's round. You'll get there eventually. ]]> Advice by avawn avawn SMITH <![CDATA[ Devils don't stop running for nothing. ]]> Advice by chickenkoop chickenkoop SMITH <![CDATA[ Save the Earth, Kill the People. ]]> Advice by _Miracle _Miracle SMITH <![CDATA[ We fell in love despite ourselves. ]]> Advice by FKA_Liza FKA_Liza SMITH <![CDATA[ Procrastination is key for finishing work. ]]> Advice by RefereeCRUZ2020 RefereeCRUZ2020 SMITH <![CDATA[ Dance to remember, not to forget. ]]> Advice by Jebbalyn Jebbalyn SMITH <![CDATA[ Discipline Equates Freedom Leading to Legacy. ]]> Advice by Shertz Shertz SMITH <![CDATA[ Use caution when offered something free. ]]> Advice by CanadaGoose CanadaGoose SMITH