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“We are presently in a pickle.” And other big winners.

Monday, February 7th, 2011

The votes are counted, and the results are in: Six-Word Memoirists write more succinct states of the union than that dude in office. In partnership with THIRTEEN, Sesame Street provider of my youth and all-around top-notch public broadcasting station, we asked you to suggest YOUR state of the union using only the sacred six. Here are the winners:

* More civility. Less violence. Greater hope. - Robin Cutler
* We are presently in a pickle. – Barbara S.
* E PLURIBUS UNUM. Says it all. – Debbie Lackowitz
* I still don’t have health insurance. – Shirelle White
* Hope is easy, change is harder. – Peter Friedmann
* We need to lower our voices – George Conduso

Hungry for more faves? Head over to WNYC and relive fond(?) memories of 2010 with our top picks for six-word summations of the year:

*Went from self employed to unemployed. - Sandi Hemmerlein
*Lost 50 pounds. Found myself underneath. - Sandi Hemmerlein
*Got masters. Moved home. Permanent intern. - Dana
*Salinger waked. Haiti quaked. Oil caked. - Coleen Goodson
*Bedbugs, earthquakes, overeating, Snooki eclipsed Wikileaking. - Janet
*Green Day on Broadway? Oy vey! - Leigh Giza
*I could not stop checking Facebook! - Janet Villas
*Kanye Tweeted all the important stuff. - Galia Abramson

Jealous? You too can feel the glory of a selected six-worder! Just tell your love or heartbreak story here, and you could be a love song or share your sorrows on stage!

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