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Shelley Winters, Dean Haspiel, Scott Dunbier, and a Wild Brush With Fame

Friday, January 4th, 2008

shelleywinters.jpgOne of my favorite sections of SMITH that I’ve always felt is poised for greatness is Brushes With Fame, the section of the site where we ask readers to recount a story in which a celebrity enters their life like an alien, landing. Typically, these are playful affairs: selling an air-conditioner to Dick Cheney and his daughter, getting a public shout-out from Jason Alexander, playing Jewish geography with David Eigenberg (who turns out is Steve from Sex in the City).

The through-line is this: our reader celebrity encounters aren’t what you’ll find in Page 6 or Gawker Stalker, but stories of an actual, personal interaction with the known or the famous. In other words, a story. Although they’re typically on the lighter side of life, there’s often quite a bit of meaning in a brush with fame. How did Jan Allen end up with Mick Jagger’s urine in her freezer? The scenario’s a scream. But the story works because Mick’s piss truly means the world to her.

SMITH contributing editor and ACT-I-VATE comics collective cofounder Dean Haspiel recently sent around a link to a blog post by Scott Dunbier—a former
executive editor at Wildstorm/DC comics—about Scott’s odd brush with fame. It’s a true tale from New York City in the ’80s about a then-19-year-old Scott was working in a comics shop. It seems a kid—13 or 14, maybe—would come in flashing fifties and buying art. One day the phone rang:


Resolved: To Confess in 2008

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

2094126296_673434ecc1_m.jpgOur friends over at True Confessions—where moms, dads, office workers, and others anonymously spill their guts—are having a ConfessOLUTIONS contest. A ConfessOLUTION, of course, is a New Year’s resolution you plan to keep, but one you’d rather keep to yourself (you’ve got your reasons).

True Confessions high priestess Romi Lassally sent over some of our favorites so far:

Love my body, regardless of size. It created, grew and birthed two children. If I respect it, perhaps I’ll treat it better.

Love my husband better. Show it.

Stop buying things. Things are meaningless. Fill the void I don’t want to acknowledge. Read more. Listen to better music.

Love my children in ways they will remember. I only have one shot at this mothering thing.

What’s yours? Head over to True Confessions and let it all out for ‘08. We won’t tell.

Confession photo from Flickr >> Creative Commons >> jeanineanderson.

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