Halle or Andie? Who’s the Most Beautiful Pregnant Woman, Ever?

November 28th, 2007 by Larry Smith

Halle_preg.jpg Andie_preg_bad2.jpg
Among the many upsides of being known as a guy who celebrates pregnant women is that many of your friends make sure you don’t miss Maxim’s important new feature, The Nine Hottest Pregnant Women, Ever. No surprises here: Halle Berry is almost too beautiful to bear whether she’s on her way to the Oscars, attempting to look downtrodden in Monster’s Ball, or beginning to pop. Naomi Watts big as a boat? Still a babe. Angelina Jolie and Heidi Klum glow even brighter with child, if that’s even possible. No news here. Which is why at SMITH we point our lens at the real women with life stories perhaps a little closer to yours and mine. And real women have great curves. To which we submit: Andie or Halle? Lara Swimmer in sunglasses or Brooke Burke by the pool? Who is the most beautiful pregnant woman, ever? And might she be walking among us?
Lar_Lara_preg_1.jpg BrookeBurke_1.jpg

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