Happy Tofurky Day!

November 22nd, 2007 by kathy

304060439_6270aec4f6.jpgGobble gobble gang! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays (besides my birthday, which is really a month long celebration of me) because I love to eat—and Turkey Day is one of those days where I stuff obscene amounts of food in my mouth without feeling totally guilty. I’m also willing to accept the consequences of too much stuffing, turkey, and pie on my digestive system.

Still, while I love picking at a giant bird with stuffing coming out of its derrière on this most wonderful American holiday/kick-off to Christmas/warm-up to Black Friday, I’ve been having a personal mini-meat-crisis. With so many stories out there detailing the horrific treatment of livestock raised for food, growth-promoting antibiotics, and food recalls—it’s the stuff that makes you cringe and reconsider your diet. That said, I wondered if the vegetarians and vegans eat what Robin, my vegan pal since high school, eats: a little something called Tofurky.

On a more embarrassing note: I thought she was making that up when she said it—in fact, I think I laughed, told her that was a clever word combo and that she should trademark it. Robin is also my very forgiving and kind vegan pal.

I had never actually seen Tofurky and I wondered what does Tofurky look like on Thanksgiving. A quick search on Flickr’s Creative Commons site and up popped Tofurky—some Tofurky dinners actually looked surprisingly delicious, while others, not so much. Even Wikipedia had something about Tofurky, noting it’s “meaty” texture. Another mystery solved!

So, in honor of Tofurky, I’ve created a little somethin’, somethin’ for you Tofurky lovers and those of you, who like me, wanted to see Tofurky in all its glory—sides and all.

You can check out the wonder that is Tofurky here. Happy Thanksgiving!

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