YouTube and Ron Paul — Because Crazy is Fun

November 16th, 2007 by Alex

Forgive me for my continuing obsession, but is anyone else still alternately fascinated and repulsed by the legions of Ron Paul fans polluting just about every forum everywhere? Seriously, it’s like they’re getting more strident and more spammy as the primaries approach. These days, you can write a blog post about the Argentinian soccer team and you’re guaranteed to see at least one commenter reminding you that Ron Paul is the only man who will restore the Constitution. Seriously people, we get it. Go away.

Anyway, what’s cute is the YouTube videos these people make. (And in a larger sense, what’s interesting about all this is not just the YouTube videos, but the Paulites’ use of the Internet generally — it’s like people power only, you know, nutty.) Here’s one good one, a particularly desperate attempt to make the damn facts stop lying.

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