Be Your Own Superhero

November 15th, 2007 by Larry Smith

JahFurryLogo.jpgHere’s what I’d get SMITH’s comics editor Jeff Newelt, aka JahFurry, for the holidays if I were a rich man: a personalized superhero story for his apartment wall, which would have to be called “The Adventures of JahFurry.” According to a story in T Magazine, the artist Loren Kreiss has started a hyper-cool business aimed at the lux, geek set (JahFurry and I have the “geek” part down). Kreiss does extensive interviews with his subject, writes a narrative story about that person’s life, and then tells the story in larger-than-life comic form (or has another artist illustrate it if Kreiss feels his style isn’t right for the subject). The result is a comic starring you on your very own wall. Total time: about six months. Total bill: $10,000 and up. But man would you have a super story to tell.

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