This Quarter Life

November 13th, 2007 by Larry Smith

The simultaneous debut of a social networking site and fictional MySpace-broadcast show, quarterlife, is a funny moment in the personal media space. The show’s a soap opera, much like a lot of social networking, and at once a genius and appalling idea. The L.A. Times is disappointed so far in how the creators have explored the medium. “Apart from and the already hoary dodge of creating MySpace profiles for their fictional characters (all of whom sadly have kept ‘Tom’ as their top friend),” writes Robert Lloyd, [the creators] have done nothing to explore or exploit the peculiarities of their new-media medium.” In the first episode, a raven-haired thing named Dylan (shocking name choice, we know) offers her thoughts on blogging. “What is a blog?” she asks rhetorically. “Why do we blog? We blog to exist. Therefore we …. we are idiots.” Well put.

What’s your quarter-life crisis? Does it look anything like this video below?

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