66 Celebrities Who Blog

October 11th, 2007 by Larry Smith

We tend to steer clear of celebrities unless they play well with the rest of us—and mesh with our storytelling mission. In our Brushes With Fame area, for example, readers write about celebrities landing, alien-like, on their turf (at say, the urologist’s office). And one of the many things that we love about gathering six-word memoirs is that we can showcase the short life stories of never-published writers right next to those of chart busting wow-I’m-on-Oprah authors.

It’s in that spirit that I give you a post on Cowboy Gossip that lists 66 celebrities who blog. I’m fairly certain that this list is the only time in history where Rosie O’Donnell and Tommy Lasorda have appeared together, and co-exist as just two crazy kids blogging about their life, be it about gay parenting or the joys of baseball in October (far from mutually exclusive, of course). The beauty of blogging is that it’s a level playing field, one where a Hairstory and the Dude’s story are all just a click away—and only as good as their last post.

Rosie from Flickr user no-frills marilyn; Tommy from Flickr user CJM. Thanks to to SG for the tip.

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