Professor Rushkoff Will Persuade You Now

October 4th, 2007 by Larry Smith

___Douglas_Rushkoff___.jpgDouglas Rushkoff (who has not only published 10 bestsellers but also was a SMITH blogger—the kid’s got a future!) teaches Technologies of Persuasion: From Propaganda to Paranoia at the Maybe Logic Academy. “This seminar will explore persuasion in a wide range of media,” he says. “Our task will be to evaluate humanity’s ability to maintain agency in the face of the increasingly sophisticated influence techniques used against us.” The course is a very reasonable $145 and runs through November 25. It’s already started—no star for me, I was late on the homework assignment to blog this—but you can still jump in. Prof. Rushkoff tells, “You may not be able to go back to your job at the advertising agency after this.” SMITH’s own JahFurry is enrolled, and will turn be offering periodic book reports here.