Friday Viral Video: Prison Food, A Riot

September 14th, 2007 by Larry Smith

Today, I shall be your Guest Viral Video poster as Alex Koppelman has not been heard from since the Larry Craig scandal broke (coincidence?). Plus, I found this video, which is an excellent primer on how we feed our prisoners, from Slate—and Koppelman’s boss at Salon doesn’t like him putting his fingers in the enemy’s pot.

Even if you’re not a prisoner of love, I promise you this is the absolute best video you shall see all week. Maybe next week, too.

Two quotes found within:

“The average prisoner can be fed for about $2.25 per day for three meals. We not looking for exactly grade A type products; you know grade B, which is fine. It’s all about price with the prisoners.”

“They get a lot of good food.”