Hurrah, Hurrah!

September 6th, 2007 by Rachel

We try to refrain from autoerotic horn-tooting, but we’ve had some press lately that seems shooting_war.jpgworth sharing. USA Today calls the forthcoming hardcover of Shooting War the big graphic novel for fall. Quoth the pie-charted paper of record:

“What started as a subversively buzz-worthy online comic on now comes to print as an expanded hardcover with new material. And Lappe, executive editor for Guerrilla News Network, knows Iraq: He produced Battleground:21 Days on the Empire’s Edge, a 2004 documentary.”

Clear your coffee tables and ready your Amazon wishlists and local independent booksellers!

In other news, I’ve achieved the near-impossible—made my college alumni magazine without conning some guy into jamming a blood diamond on my finger. The Penn Gazette has a big feature on Web 2.0, and SMITH features prominently. It’s nice to get to talk about why we do what we do, even nicer to be called “a cocktail party where everyone’s invited.” You really are all invited, so come on in—the vodka’s fine!

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