Viral Video…Tuesdays?

August 14th, 2007 by Rachel

I’d hate to steal Koppelman’s thunder, but I’ve come across a couple of videos recently too good not to share. For one thing, as seemingly every publication adds video content, even simple-as-pie personal media paragon PostSecret is getting in on the action.

On a more serious note, Guerrilla News Network features a 1994 video of Dick Cheney warning that invasion of Iraq would be “a quagmire.” “How many dead Americans is Saddam worth?” he asks and answers, “Not very many…” Apparently, YouTube hasn’t been too eager to spread this news. So, in the words of Mark Twain in a free, outdoor, lefty musical I just saw, “You have a blog—Use it!”

And on a far less serious note, the following music video, by Brooklyn band The XYZ Affair, is just plain awesome. Keep your eyes open for some familiar faces, especially if you happen to have watched Nickelodeon at all between 1989 and 1994.

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