The To-Do List

August 6th, 2007 by kathy

891824316_2184f2f1d1_m_1.jpgI was sitting at my desk contemplating my list of accomplishments for today—Gym. Check. Clean house. Check. Make five-to-seven layer dip. Check. Blog for SMITH. Check (after I hit Publish). Research upcoming SMITH project. Check. Google self. Check. Read gossip blogs. Check. Convince myself that I am not addicted to gossip blogs by reading The New York Times. Check—when I realized how much I need my to-do list in order to feel good about myself (and that I need to add more work-related stuff to my list, like “pitch story ideas” or “craft query”).

In fact, without my to-do list, I would seriously waste an entire day doing absolutely nothing, and then I would feel like a giant poop who is a total drain on society, friends, and family. So, of course, since “blog for SMITH” is always on my list, I thought it would be fun to search flickr for “To Do Lists.” Wow, what a productive day and it’s almost 5 p.m.!

It’s weirdly reassuring to know that pretty much everyone needs a list—even for some of the more mundane tasks in life (think “shower and shave”). I personally like the folks who have some fun with their to-do lists—number two on one list reads, “build fort.”

So what’s on your to do list today?





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