The Vagina Monologues

August 2nd, 2007 by Larry Smith

7953017_fd300950e9_m.jpgSometimes the proverbial meme pops up on SMITH. The meme of the moment*, I am thrilled to report, is vaginas (my friend Doy calls his boyfriend’s dog’s her hamantashen, but I can’t even go there). At Blogher, Bite My Cookie blogger was spreading the love with her “Vagina is for Lovers” tees (as well as her tasty cookies—no double meaning intended), while Vagina is For lovers_1.jpgartist Molly Crabapple sent in a brush with fame about spreading the love for a photo shoot in fashion photo legend Patrick Demarchelier’s place (it’s not what you’re thinking). Back when we launched, like a hundred years ago, Kathy Ritchie took us to her inner-sanctum in a very funny story about her gynecologist, Angelina Jolie, and well, just read the piece.

Hamantashen from Flickr’s roboppy.

Vagina is for Lovers from Flickr’s Girl’s Gone Child.

*Admittedly, I pretty much wrote this post so I can now Twitter out “blogging about vaginas.”