This Is Not American Life

July 5th, 2007 by Larry Smith

407899055_ac5a1c3a0d_m.jpgLike many of our readers, we love This American Life (even if Ira Glass didn’t cough up a six-word memoir, despite his agreeable reply to our request). And like you, we’ve been wondering: how could it be that no one’s parodied TAL yet?

The wait, to enjoy a cheesy expression, is over. Kasper Hauser, a four-man comedy troupe from San Francisco, the home of so many four-man troupes, presents American Life, a very funny spoof of Mr. Glass and Co. The parody of the Glass’s nerdy, staccato lilt is the main event, pitch perfect, and really funny. (Note to Glass: you better trademark that voice—after all, if Heidi Klum can have her legs insured…). The show below rolls through a couple of segments, like a guy who “makes paper mâché animals” and believes a unicorn should be a “unihorn.” And then brings it to DC to protest a new USPS stamp series. (It’s funnier than it sounds.) And next week on our program? “Cock blockers and wingmen, dispatches from the frontline of the dating scene.”

Listen here.

Thanks to the occasionally genius Very Short List for the tip.

Spooky Ira Glass from Flickr’s jvoves.

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