“My Wife Is So Hot When She Cleans…” (And other True Dad Confessions)

June 16th, 2007 by Larry Smith

wifelcleaning.jpgOur friends at True Mom Confessions are hot on the daddy tips with their latest launch: True Dad Confessions. Hands up if you’re shocked that while the True Moms are emotive and admit to wanting things like more “me time,” the dads reveal that they just want to like the wife’s ass. Here’s a taste of what the pops are spilling a few days before Father’s Day.

“My wife is so fucking hot when she cleans. She wears nothing but a sports bra and shorts. She works in a male-dominated field and when I see her on weekends being all domestic wearing next to nothing … damn! I wish I could nail her right then, but she won’t have it when she’s trying to do something.”

“I love my daughter more deeply than anything in this world. With having said that, I don’t regret cheating on my gf. How can someone claim to love you so much but never “be in the mood” or want to be sexual with me? I think that if you don’t take care of my needs, then there’s other women who will. Sometimes I feel guilty about having done it, until she turns into the sexual wet blanket she is.”

“I remember the good ol’ days when my clothes were loose and my wife was tight….”

Sexy wife cleaning from Flickr’s Danielo Bolo.