Guest Blogger: Neal Pollack, Father, Blogger, Animal

June 15th, 2007 by Larry Smith

fathersDay.jpgIn honor of Father’s Day, we’ve enlisted our own personal Father of the Year, Mr. Neal Pollack, aka Alternadad, aka founder of the blogging network Offsprung, aka father of Elijah, aka guy Regina makes take out the trash … to tell us about some of his top daddy sites and sounds online. Earlier this year Pollack and another pop we love, Michael “If I’m not in the Gaza Strip, dude I’m so totally at your bachelor party” Finkel had a rollicking conversation for SMITH, Help Alternadad! I Seek Your Guidance, an important piece in the daddy canon that examined on the joys and sorrows of fatherhood in all its hazy, confused glory.

Questions about Father’s Day or any other day of the year? Ask the Alternadad.

I hand you over to Neal Pollack.


neal_pollack.jpgIf I could sum up the contemporary daddyblogger in six words, those six words would be: Well-Hung And Ready To Party! Wait. Is Well-Hung one word or two? Stupid frackin’ hyphens. Regardless, I’ve beaten that joke into the dirt. Actually, what I wanted to say about contemporary dads is this: Really, we’re trying to understand. We may sweat too much and occasionally leave skid marks in our underwear, but we still want to do our nurturing part. And we also want to teach our children many important things. So here are some good examples of our attempts to counteract the still-surprisingly-strong propaganda of dad as lazy, careless roustabout:

• The men of Dad Labs try out a breast pump.

• Paul Nyhan says that even SpikeTV is getting into the act.

• Rebel Dad stands up against stereotypes.

• Geek Dad extols the glories of Air Hogs.

• Finally, while this isn’t really related to anything I’m talking about above, I hope that some day my son respects my work as much as Frank Zappa’s son respects his.

Happy Father’s Day!

Neal Pollack

B&W father and son from Fiickr’s aka Kath.