The Love is Late, but the Love is Here

June 11th, 2007 by Alex

Oh, technical difficulties — always fun, especially when they prevent you from getting a Friday video up on, you know, Friday. (Who said Macs were better? Certainly not me.) So as a thank you for your patience, here are not one but two videos to brighten your Monday.

First up is a song advertising a gathering of YouTubers here in New York, coincidentally right down the street from my office. I’m still thinking about whether or not this scares me, but I bet getting all those people who’ve only ever seen each other online together will at least be interesting.

Since our first video was all about actual personal media news, after the jump is one you can enjoy for its pure topical stupidity/humor.

By the way, has anyone else ever noticed that “Stars are Blind” sounds exactly like “Tide is High?” How there hasn’t been a lawsuit I’ll never understand…