Our Orgasmic Moments, used, on a sidewalk $1 cart

May 28th, 2007 by Rachel


Some people share their stories by writing books and having them published. Other people do it by buying those people’s stories and passing them on. I’ve always liked finding old inscriptions in used bookstores; now that I work in one, each new taped-up file box is like Christmas morning. When I lend out a book, I write my name (so I’ll get it back) and the page number of my favorite passage (because I’m nerdy like that). Now some super-cool folks have created a place to revel in these public-private-mysterious messages from the past. The Book Inscriptions Project is a great Found-meets-Postsecret-meets-dusty-stacks destination, simple in design and pure in mission. Scan them. Send them. Read them. Write them. And imagine some curious bibliophile poring over them fifty years from now—on the shelf or on the internet.

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