Reading Stack Pool!

May 9th, 2007 by katherine

book stackA few weeks ago, a friend told me that she found the stack of books on the whitewashed mantlepiece-type thing that I use as a bedside table aesthetically pleasing. I was glad she said that, because I thought that my book stack had been lookin’ especially good recently, too—mostly thanks to the addition of Zak Smith’s “Pictures Showing What Happens on Every Page of Thomas Pynchon’s Novel Gravity’s Rainbow,” which has a chunky red spine that is super hott.

What I didn’t know, until the same friend forwarded me a link to the Reading Stack Group on Flickr is that I’m not the only person who admires my own book stack. Which is kind of a relief. As cool as blogs are, there’s something about a pile of spines of different lengths and sizes that sets my heart aflutter.

stack twoAs a postscript, isn’t it interesting that as media become digitized, our media consumption habits leave less and less of a physical trace? From LP covers on the wall to CDs to a pixellated, ever-changeable list of names on the ol’ iPod. From books and magazines to…well, nothing’s replaced books and magazines for me yet. It’s strange to wonder if anything ever will.

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