Weird (noble) job: raising money for cervical cancer

April 25th, 2007 by kathy

You gotta give Alec Mario Waclawski major props. Waclawski is walking from one coast to the other to raise $$ for cervical cancer research, a disease that killed his wife in 1999.

Dressed in a tux that looks like something my prom date wore and a pair of aviator shades, he’s passing through Phoenix on his way to Washington where he hopes to have a sit down with the President.

His goal is to collect a buck from every American and with that, he plans to establish a cancer research foundation in his home town of San Diego.

“I feel very positive,” Waclawski said in accented English. “I’m not worried about nothing. So far, I’ve met so many beautiful people.”

According to the National Cancer Institue, more than 3600 women have already died from cervical cancer this year. So if you see Waclawski (he’s seriously hard to miss), give him a dollar–you might help save a woman’s life.

You can read more about Waclawski’s mission here.

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