Three War Stories

April 16th, 2007 by Larry Smith


1. Sean Huze. Plot: Soldier returns from Iraq and sets up a theater company in Los Angeles. Ed Asner, among others, digs it. Read Michael Slenske’s interview with Huze.

2. Operation Homecoming. Part of a week-long series on war and terrorism, comes tonight’s debut of Operation Homecoming. Plot: the PBS doc is based on the book of the same name that tells the Afghanistan and Iraq war stories through the personal letters, journals, poems, stories, and memoirs of the men and women in the military.

SMITH had the chance to meet some of makers of Operation Homecoming at an incredible commingling of writers, photographers, and filmmakers at the Housing Works last week, including: Jarhead’s Anthony Swofford (that’s a shot from the Jarhead movie, above), This Is Our War’s Devin Friedman and Edouard Gluck, Just Another Soldier’s Jason Christopher Hartley, and others. To a creator, they are bold and badass and offer up unflinching versions and visions of war.

3. Paul Rieckhoff’s 15-Month Story. Plot: Former vet and founder of the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America reacts to the recent announcement that tours of duty in Iraq will be upped to 15 months in a piece on The Huffington Post.

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