Beautiful: Bellies

April 4th, 2007 by Larry Smith

PregBook.jpgWe’re not shy about our appreciation of pregnant women, offered on the site via our professional shots by Jennifer Pliego and my personal shots with any friend I happen to run into who’s in her third trimester. So I was thrilled to hear about the new book, Birth of a Mother, from Pascale Nadya Wowak, done on the self-publishing site Blurb. Thing is, you don’t need to see shots of pregnant women doing awesome backbends on incredible beaches and adorned by Blake and Rachel Carson quotes to appreciate what’s before you. But it doesn’t hurt. Wowak does a graceful job of pulling together inspiration from all sorts of places; you just can’t help but be moved, even if, like me, you’ll never feel what these women are feeling. A photographer’s passion + the DIY publishing site Blurb = a true labor of love. (Tip o’ the belly to Girl Gone Child. )

LS_Lori_preg.JPGIn other baby news: We’re having a baby naming contest. Friend of SMITH, Lori Leibovich (the good-looking one on the left), has a girl inside her and needs a name toute suite. Relevant deets: It’s a girl and she’s looking for a name that starts with N, S or F (per a deceased grandparent rule; it’s a Jewish thing, you might understand). The new chick will take her father’s surname, Kanter. Leave any notion you have in the comments here. Winner gets a first-edition SMITH baby tee and, let’s face it, one great story to tell.

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