Weird Job: The Matzoh Man

April 2nd, 2007 by kathy

127502681_e967f10cfe.jpgAs I was skimming through today’s news stories, one caught my attention. The LA Daily News featured a story—yes, an entire story–about Yaakov Horowitz, the chief Rabbi at Manischewitz—you know, the place that makes matzoh.

Well, besides being a fan of matzoh (especially when it’s dipped in chocolate), I’m fascinated by folks who work unconventional gigs—and if you can earn a buck doing what you love, better yet.

So I confess–I think Horowitz’s job qualifies as being off the beaten path, but in a really cool way.

Horowitz lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps matzoh. He not only oversees the production of more than 75 million sheets of matzoh (that’s a lot of matzoh), he used to travel around the globe in the name of matzoh. Now he’s designing new ovens (the first in almost 70 years) for Manischewitz!

You can read more about matzoh and Horowitz here.