Can you buy coolness—and change your life forever?

March 28th, 2007 by kathy

404259662_ef0cc48fe9.jpgI was never the cool kid in school (big glasses, a unibrow, and a barely noticeable mustache might have been part of the problem), and it seems, thanks to my lame area code, I will never be an It girl, which is too bad since I now have two eyebrows and no mustache. So what’s the deal you ask?

Well, I have a 646 area code. According to an article that appeared in The Christian Science Monitor today, a person can literally have a better life if they have a 212 area code.

Man, imagine being able to rewrite your personal story.


With my current 646 prefix: “Hi, my name is Kathy and I live in Queens and I like to watch Paula Deen and The Hills.” Boring.

Now, if I had a 212: “Hey there, I’m cool and sophisticated. My friends call me Katia and I travel to exotic locations, eat sushi, and only hang out in the LES—I would never go to Queens, UGH!”

And to prove my point further, Frantz Fils, a party promoter who was quoted in the piece says this: “people–whether they realize it or not–just assume that you’re better off… The boss is always in Manhattan. It’s the city of bosses.”

FYI, Fils lives in Brooklyn.

Of course, pretending to be fabulous isn’t cheap. A 212 can run you around $250, which is why I will stick with my boring 646 prefix. Tragic.

You can read the entire piece here.

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