Geeking Out on Personal Media

March 26th, 2007 by Larry Smith

246243376_d189459a9c_m.jpgThree clicks to get you feeling very “Web 2.0″ this Monday. Note: try dropping the names of these sites around the watercooler if you’ve got nothing to say about college hoops—works every time.

A genius idea: Dabble, which lets you create and share playlists of your favorite online videos, like this list of trailers from Oscar nominated films.

An inevitable competitor: The launch of Citizendium, a “citizens’ compendium of everything,” which is another way of saying: a challenge to Wikipedia from one of that site’s founders. New trick: more editing by experts, as well as requiring contributors to use their real names.

A useful article: The top 10 underrated Web 2.0 sites from Tagoon. We’re talking about destinations like Flurl, which indexes video sites and lets you rate their offerings, and Simpy, which helps you store, share, and organize your bookmarks.

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